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This course provides fundamentals of Unix/Linux operating system and shell. It gives student in-depth understanding of shell as command line tool and shell as a programming language. Students understand the power of shell, its various features, basic commands and utilities like grep, find, sed, awk etc. Students learn shell scripting from basic. The course is designed practical oriented with lot of practice examples. This course serves for the fresher’s who are new to Linux and for the students who are already working in Linux environment to become more effective and productive in their jobs. It is suitable for System administrators, testers and developers of Linux/Unix.

At the end of the course Student will be able to

Work on any Linux platform with confidence

Write effective scripts for their day to day jobs

Understand and use most of the Linux features and commands

Will be able to do Basic System administration

Shell Basics (Types of shells, Shell functionality Environment) Writing first script(Writing script & executing basic script, Debugging script, Making interactive scripts, Variables (default variables), Mathematical expressions) Conditional statements(If-else-elif, Test command,Logical operators-AND,OR,NOT, case –esac,Loops, While,For, Until, Break & continue) Command line arguments( Positional parameters, Set & shift, IFS, Break & continue) Functions & file manipulations (Processing file line by line,Functions) Regular Expression & Filters (What is regular expression, Grep,cut ,sort commands Grep patterns) SED & AWK Processes (Concept of process in Unix, Background processes, Scheduling processes -At, batch & Cron) Misc (rapping signals, String substitutions / manipulations)

openpath sellscripting
openpath sellscripting

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