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Introducing to Network

LAN, WAN, Network Types, Cabling System, Wires, Wifi Mac Addressing, ARP, Switch Network, DTE, DCE, IP Address (Public/Private), classes of IP Addess, Subnet mask, Subneting, About gateway, DNS, DHCP, Routing (NAT, Bridge, DMZ), FTP, Talent, SSH, What is post? Common Post?

About Linux

Why Linux? What is Opensource? What is GNU GPL? Linux Instalation, Tips & Tricks Linux Partitions, Linux File System History of Linux, Linux Flavors, Linux Basics, Directory Structure What is Firewall? Why Linux is Secure OS? Linux Posibilities Why linux is better than windows?

Security Concepts

What is Hacking? What is Virus, Worm, Spyware, Trojon Horse? Concept of Sniffing, Phishing, Spoofing, DoS, DDoS, MITMA Keyloggers, Virtual keyboard What is Encryption? Encryption Methods

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