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Linux Essentials:

Understanding OS structure,Understanding Step by step linux boot process in detail, Basic, Essential and Advanced commands, User and Group management, Understanding linux permissions, Understanding and managing services on linux, Understanding andmanaging Shell variables, Network essentials (network configuration, basic and advanced commands), Network troubleshooting, Configure linux as a router, Understanding /etc/fstab (in detail)

Managing Network:

Understanding remote login to linux servers or machine, Learn about file on remote server, How to setup, configure and use FTP server, Troubleshooting of FTP server, How to setup, configure and use telnet on linux, How to setup, configure and use SSH server, Troubleshooting of SSH server, How to setup, configure and use VNC server, How to setup, use DHCP server,Troubleshooting of DHCP server

DNS Server:

DNS Concepts, Understanding root server, TLDs, SOA, Domain,subdomain, Registrar, Hosting Techniques, Configure DNS server, chroot, cache DNS, Forwarders, Secondry DNS, Dynamic DNS, Troubleshooting of DNS server, DNS Security

Proxy server and Network security:

Understanding the use of Gateway, configuration and troubleshooting of gateway, Understanding the use of proxy server (Squid Server) in industry, How to setup, configure and use Squid as a proxy server, Troubleshooting of Squid server, How to setup, configure Transparent proxy server, How to implement Content Filtering on proxy server, Concept of D o S / D D o S / S p o o f i n g / M I T M A / C o n c e p t o f Virus/Worm/Phising/Spyware/Sniffing/Trojan Horse/PopUp etc

Enterprise Mail Server:

Understanding Mailing System, Mail Server Basics, Understanding of Mail components, Understanding Mail Server Features,Understanding Email Header,Build an Enterprise Mail Server (sendmail, postfix),Implementation on popular MTA like Sendmail/Qmail/Postfix, Integration with ANTIVIRUS/ANTISPAM, Understanding the concept RBL/PBL (integration with Mail Server)

Web Server:

How to setup, implement Apache server ,Understanding Apache Server Basics, Understanding Webserver Concepts,Understanding Virtual Hosts,How to create and install SSL Certificates, How to implement Apache Web Login Authentication with password, Building Apache with mod_ssl,Web hosting techniques, Build and manage a LAMP Server, Apache Web Server Security and Hardening Tips, Apache Server Tweaks and Tips and Tricks, Troubleshooting of Apache server

Setting up Linux File Server:

How to setup, implement File Server (Samba Server) on linux, Implement samba server as a backup server, Understanding user, group management on samba server ,Understanding veto files, Backup, restore files and folder, Mounting samba share with windows OS, Understanding backup tools, Sambaswat (control panel),Secure fileserver with firewall (IPTABLES), Understanding samba security, Troubleshooting of Samba server


Linux Security (Firewall/Service Level Security/Tips and Tricks),Gateway Management, IPtables / PAM / TCP Wrappers, Network Monitoring Tools-MRTG / NTOP / WireSHARK /Nagios / Snort etc, Server Hardening, tweaking, Security Audit

Opensource Firewall:

Opensource Firewall, ENDIAN Firewall, Understanding Zones, Routing, Proxy. Backup, Restore, Open VPN, IDS, Control Panel

NAS: Network Area Storage :

Concept of NAS and SAN, Iscsi Initiator, NFS, CIFS, Fuser Concepts, Free NAS, Openfiler

Linux Partitioning: LVM & RAID

Create Physical Volumes, Create a new volume group, Add New Hard Drive to Volume Group, Create logical volume, Resizing a Logical Volume, Extend Volume Group Size, Extend File System, Remove Logical Volume, Backing up a Logical Volume, Create New Snapshot, Mount New Snapshot, Copy Snapshot and Delete Logical Volume, Description of RAID and its various levels

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