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WHM Control panel / CentOS panel: 4 sessions

Concept of WHM and Cpanel,Create a new cPanel account in WHM, cPanel accounts, account's password, disk quota, list of all the accounts over their disk quotas, change an account's bandwidth limit, reset an account to its package's bandwidth,view bandwidth usage by Account, suspend/unsuspend accounts, modify an account, terminate and permanently delete an account, manage Feature Lists, manage account packages, How to view the raw logs for an account in WHM, inactive account, view a list of the accounts, search for accounts, list all the parked domains and subdomains, How to perform actions on multiple accounts at once, How to manage Reseller Accounts, How to change an account's owner, How to copy a hosting account from another server to your WHM server using SSH, Backup/Restore an account,Migration Acconts from another WHM, Security cphulk, MailControl, queue monitoring.

Explain Nagios configuration files, Individual configuration objects, group configuration objects, and advanced configuration objects with clear examples.

Describe the Nagios Web interface and security.

Log Server, Log Analyser: 1 Session

Build a syslog Server, Centralised Log Monitoring system, Mail Alert, Easy diagonose.

Monitoring Tools: 4 Sessions


Chat and OPEN VPN SERVER: 2 Sessions

Building a chat server, IM massenger, Server/client setup, OPEN VPN, Understanding VPN Concept Site2siteVPN, Server/client VPN, Build an Open VPN server

MYSQL SERVER : 2 Sessions

Understanding MySQL Server basics, Cracking MySQL root password, Backup of Databases, Restore Databases, SQL Queries,Frontend PHPMYADMIN, MySQL replication (Master to Master, Master to Slave ), Connectivity with PHP


Installation of Zimbra, Understanding of ZCS, Zimbra Desktop, Mail relaying through remote HOST, SMTP AUTH, Mail Archiving, Distribution List, Antivirus, Anti Spam, Global Address Book, SSL Certificates, Brief Case, RBL,SBL Integration, zmprov commands, Mail and user Migration from Microsoft exchange or sendmail, Creating bulk users, Mail backup and restore, Calendar sharing, fetchmail,bug fixing and troubleshooting tips and tricks.

HAProxy: 2 Session

Introduction to HAProxy,Proxying,SSL,Monitoring,High availability,Load balancing,Stickiness,Sampling and converting information,Maps,ACLs and conditions,Content switching,Stick-tables,Formated strings,HTTP rewriting and redirection,Server protection,Logging,Statistics,Advanced features,Management,System-specific capabilities,Scripting

Clustering and Load Balancing :4 Sessions

Two node linux cluster using HA(High Availability), Heartbeat, Using DRBD cluster, NAS, Gluster FS, Iscsi Initiator, Load Balancing for Apache , MySQL etc..

Open Ldap:5 Sessions

Concept of OpenLdap, Schemas,Attributes, Build a OpenLdap Server, Introduction to directory services, Describes how to build and configure Open Ldap, Configuration and Installation of LAM (Ldap Account Manager), Php LdapAdmin

Single Sign On (SSO): Centralized Authentication Using OpenLDAP
Integrating LDAP with Squid

Configure squid with openldap Authetication, Check ldap user with different acl.,

Integrating LDAP with FTP

Authenticate Ldap user on FTP server

Integrating LDAP with SVN

Configure SVN with Ldap, Authenticate Ldap user on SVN server.

Backup & Restore OpenLdap server

Take backup of OpenLdap serve,Restore backup of OpenLdap sever

Samba 4.0 Domains as a replacement Of Windows Active Directory Server: 2 Sessions

A replacement of Windows Active Directory Server, Samba 4.0 Configuration,Samba shares, Security, Domain Controller,Roaming profile, , Logon Scripts, Network Drives, Group Policies, Backup and restore.

Security Audit/Server hardening and Server patching:2 Sessions

Security Audit by various method, 30 security Tips, screening by external tools, NMAP, Finding Vulnerabilities, Counter measures and patching, Server hardening and tuning .

Server Monitoring: Nagios: 2 Sessions

Installation and configuration of Nagios server. Implementation of how to monitor remotely Linux hosts (using NRPE and SSH) and Windows hosts (using NSClient++). Commonly used Nagios check commands are described, with clear examples.

Owncloud Server

Installation and Configuration of Owncloud Server, configuration of Outlook Plugin, Owncloud clients, How to send encrypted file, how to share folder, how to send email with password

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